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Strength and style don’t need to be at odds. With Eotek®, you get the very best of both. Eotek’s fibrous structure gives it the beauty of real cedar and the ease and functionality of real wood. Plus, that same fibrous technology gives Eotek a strength, flexibility and water-resistance that’s unmatched by any other siding. No other siding combines strength and style. That’s the beauty of Eotek.

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Technical Bulletins

Eotek Technical Bulletin Expansion Characteristics Siding - English & Spanish (pdf - 146 KB)
Eotek Technical Bulletin Pneumatic Fastening Siding - English & Spanish (pdf - 521 KB)
Eotek Technical Bulletin Painting Primed Siding - English & Spanish (pdf - 146 KB)
Eotek Technical Bulletin Installation Siding - English & Spanish (pdf - 107 KB)
Eotek Technical Bulletin Cleaning Eotek Siding - English & Spanish (pdf - 45 KB)

Installation Instructions

Eotek Siding Installation Instructions - English (pdf - 1.90 MB)


NTA Evaluation Report (pdf - 404 KB)


Eotek Substrate 50-Year Limited Warranty For Commercial Applications (pdf - 68 KB)
Eotek Substrate Lifetime Limited Warranty For Residential Applications (pdf - 68 KB)
Eotek Finish Coating and Color Change Limited Warranty (pdf - 70 KB)
EOV032712-11 Listing Report (pdf - 199 KB)