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Not your grandpa’s barn

Not your father’s siding.

At last, man has gained the upper hand over nature's never-ending assaults: Eotek® siding. With unrivaled durability, Eotek is the perfect solution for agricultural buildings.

Eotek dares the elements to take their best shot. It's virtually indestructible. Made from ultra-durable polymers, Eotek, unlike wood or wood-filled siding, is moisture-resistant, rot-resistant, insect-resistant and flame-resistant. And unlike vinyl, fiber cement and plastic composite, Eotek not only stands up to the harshest weather conditions, but challenging chemical environments, as well. Best of all, unlike any other exterior building material today, Eotek is built for both this generation and the next.

severe weather

Bring on Mother Nature.

Eotek is staking a claim as the strongest, most durable, moisture-resistant siding on the market. Eotek stays true to form through the wettest springs, the hardest winters, and every season in between. It won’t even budge when pelted by hailstones the size of golf balls. And unlike materials that absorb moisture, Eotek is rot-resistant.

What about temperature extremes? From the highest to the lowest, Eotek simply can’t be bothered. It won’t split or become brittle — no matter what fluctuations it endures. Try asking all this of any other siding material, and watch everything else come up short.

Size Specifications
Thickness Sizes Installation

3/8" to replicate the shadow line of real cedar

  • Siding:
    3/8" × 8-1/4" × 12' (7" reveal)

  • Trim:
    1" × 3-1/2" × 16' 1" × 5-1/2" × 16'

  • Starter strip:
    3/8" × 2" × 12'

Requires no special tools, equipment or proprietary fasteners

Installs like traditional plank siding

Throw caution to the wind.

Be it hurricane, tornado or dust storm, Eotek exceeds Miami-Dade Hurricane Impact Standards by 60 percent. Known nationally for the toughest tests of wind-resistance, Miami-Dade results prove your Eotek siding can withstand high-wind uplift of 300 mph.

Washington WhiteCountry Cream
Sail ClothLiberty Red
Cambridge WheatNatural Cedar
Cashmere ClayCambridge Wheat

Eotek is available in four precoated colors:
Washington White, Sail Cloth, Cambridge Wheat, and Cashmere Clay.

Or choose primed and ready for on-site painting.

"We have extremely harsh conditions in Northern Montana, and we've seen every other siding fail over time … time and time again. One hundred mph winds, -50° wind chills and severe hailstorms are very real environmental conditions in Shelby, so this needed to be seriously considered when we chose our building materials. Eotek's solid core siding has lived up to its promises and demonstrations. Believe me, we tried to break it, shatter it and destroy it, with no success."

– Scott Knapton
CHS-Cut Bank, Shelby, Montana
Eotek's fibrous structure creates unparalleled
strength and durability.
wheat split with fiberous strands